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Family of 5 Vacations

Follow these links to find Family of 5 friendly Vacations -accommodations for families with 3, 4 or more children.

Vacationkids works with thousands of hotels worldwide. If you are interested in another destination that you do not see listed here, JUST ASK !









Family of 5 Vacations

family of 5

If you do have a family of five or larger family, we suggest you work with one of our VACATIONKIDS FAMILY TRAVEL AGENTS. Their service is free and can help with additional, up to the minute family vacation ideas and advice. Many of the options listed here are not found in regular online reservation systems, that's why it's important to work with an informed agent that can help you save frustration, time and money.

*There really are a limited number of hotels and cruise ships that can accomodate larger families. These accommodations are always in the high demand, ESPECIALLY during peak holiday and spring break travel weeks when the kids are out of school. PLAN AHEAD! MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENTS!!!